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Trends that will shape the future of DevOps

Flow Metrics level up SAFe but something essential is missing

Copado Announces Agreement to Acquire Leading AI Testing Company to Improve Quality of Multi-cloud Digital Transformation Projects

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4 benefits of DevOps automation — and 4 ways to make the most of it

Test case deviation detecting and visualizing PaceEditor 

Predict the most likely test steps in your test cases with ML

Test development in Qentinel Pace

PaceEditor available as a VSCode extention

Early experience: Automating UI tests for Android Automotive OS

Future of software testing based on learnings from Selenium and Robot Framework

New Android Automotive Test Automation Cooperation by Unikie and Qentinel

Automating boring tasks

Solving problems with QWeb

Building open source automation library

How to automate 18 109 test cases and keep maintenance effort under 15%

Story behind Robot Framework: How an inspiration created an exceptional concept

How I first met Robot Framework - and what happened then

Dependency Confusion attack 16.2.2021

Run Qentinel Pace tests from GitHub

Why test architecture matters

GFFT and Qentinel launch consortium project for software testing in the automotive cloud

Five reasons why you should meet your personal test bot in the cloud now

How to make automated testing for Adaptive Autosar

Accelerating DevOps with cloud-based test automation: A case study of doing what we preach

Select the right KPIs for test automation

What you need to know about efficiency and effectiveness in test automation?

4 Perspectives of Speed in Software Development

Robots and Humanity: How robots can humanize management?

Want more speed in software development? Sharpen your quality focus!

Experiences in applying algorithms to common testing challenges

TietoEVRY and Qentinel collaborate on Adaptive AUTOSAR test automation

Member of the month at the ASQF industry association

Qentinel divests consulting business, focuses on Qentinel Pace

Five reasons to go cloud in test automation

Qentinel Finland becomes a part of Gofore

Combining manual and automated testing

Software testing doesn’t have to be time-consuming

Test automation stairway to heaven – Automated QA without humans in the loop

Five steps from automation to automated QA

Lessons learned: building scalable test automation based on Robot Framework

Game-changing technology you want to know more of

Test automation for Salesforce directly from the cloud with Qentinel Pace

Automating SAP testing anytime, anywhere

How to test Salesforce's software jungle?

No corner case escapes from Qentinel Pace’s automated test design

How to do software testing from your home couch?

Quality assurance in tough times

Qentinel and Conformiq partner to provide superior productivity in automated testing

Qentinel participates at the OOP Conference in Germany

The benefits of automated testing in a complex SAP environment

Gartner's customer survey evaluated Qentinel's testing solution

Qentinel is a certified supplier for the state of Finland

Removing waste from ensuring your digitalized business processes

Seven critical steps when utilizing test automation in SAP

Testing is the #1 bottle-neck in software and IT – and it keeps growing

SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem

Qentinel receives funding for utilizing AI to improve DevOps analytics and predictability

This is why you need to test from coding to production

How to get test automation right

This is how you find metrics that matter

Five steps you need to apply DevOps now

Your business is only as good as the software driving it

What you need to make your IT organization powerful

How to apply new control attitude to your digital backbone

Shift-right to production testing if you can't shift-left

AI-Boost – Four ways AI will transform your testing

Ensure success through meaningful customer culture

How to succeed with 5,000 ERP related version updates per year?

Creating data-driven clarity to customer experience management

Conquering the four levels of test automation

How to set up a no-nonsense DevOps dashboard?

From employee and customer connection to value creation

TET trainee Essi working in an office for the first time

Pro tips for painlessly cutting your IT budget in 2019

Securing software releases by extending the scope of test automation

Qentinel is a finalist for Best Digital Strategy at International CX Awards

How to test a business process

Under the hood - computer vision is quietly solving software challenges

Life after the elements of AI course

Test automation made easy with human-readable tools

QA robot is your answer, when you want to hire more developers and fewer testers!

ERP suppliers need swarm intelligence in an ecosystem

Ecosystem leadership means abandoning old leadership habits

Ecosystem strategy a boon when customer experience is out of your hands

Robotic Process Automation: Reaping rewards and managing risks

Ecosystem lessons: ERP project culture due for change

Ecosystems – why they matter and how to succeed in them

Digital Customer Experience sweet spot

Lean-Agile Portfolio Management with Systems Thinking Maximizes the Flow of Value

Ecosystem testing made easier with test automation

NPS charmed the executives, but confused the employees

Pulse survey is a tool for strategic management

Personal data protection regulation an Achilles heel for test material

Artificial Intelligence is already driving modern business

A short history of software quality

Winning ecosystems breathe at the same pace

Esko Hannula's Three Skills of Advantage book launch

6 SAFe® practices that make sense also for S sized teams

Press release – Finnish Customs invests in test automation development

Working in Finland - Google Guru Joined Qentinel

Improve time to market with quality automation

Re-imagine quality for the digital age

How development teams work in the Economy of Speed

Self-Management Method - Asking Right Questions

Is Leadership Overrated?

Digital Transformation - Can You Really Afford It?

Silo breaking? - Hold Your Horses

The Economy of Speed – Better Late Or Inaccurate?

Is SAFe lean – or is Lean safe?

It’s Business First

Donald Duck and customer experience

The Agile challenge

Mission Possible – Valmet Item Management Process Conquers the World

Why standardize operations and why not?