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Early experience: Automating UI tests for Android Automotive OS

Apr 12, 2021 | Joona Sinisalo

In 2020, Joona Sinisalo Product Specialist at Qentinel was working on a test automation proof-of-concept project for an automotive software platform. During the project, he heard about Android Automotive and became interested. Is this something where Qentinel's test automation platform and libraries could be utilized? 

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How to make automated testing for Adaptive Autosar

Jan 25, 2021 | Joona Sinisalo

The Challenge: Automating C++

We started a collaboration with TietoEVRY regarding test automation for AUTOSAR. They had implemented a PoC of Execution Management which is a functional cluster in Adaptive AUTOSAR Platform. Execution Management handles startup, monitoring and shutdown of Adaptive Applications, but the system built on C++ was missing a comprehensive and scalable testing solution.

In Adaptive AUTOSAR services and APIs are implemented using C++. Qentinel Pace, a cloud based hyper-scalable test automation platform, is known for its ability to automate UI-level testing of web-based systems. Could Qentinel Pace be used to automate testing for Execution Manager functionality?
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