What you need to know about efficiency and effectiveness in test automation?

Nov 18, 2020 / by Qentinel

Year 2021 will be a year of DevOps. This means, it will be a year of automation, too, because there is no DevOps without automation. Sure, DevOps has been around for a decade already but there are, in fact, very few places that can honestly say they have DevOps in place. This is largely because of inadequate automation.

The bulk of automation work is test automation, of course. When you go DevOps, test automation is not a nice add-on anymore. It becomes a necessity and it is going to grown in a large scale. Every hour your Selenium guru spends patching his scripts and updating his tooling, is an hour lost by everyone else in the team.

If you haven’t already thought about how to scale up your test automation and how to measure its effectiveness and efficiency, start now! For a jump-start, read what our senior architect Antti writes about effectiveness and efficiency in test automation.

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