Removing waste from ensuring your digitalized business processes

Dec 09, 2019 / by Kari Virtanen

Do you know how your automated Order-to-Cash process is performing? When you put systems in charge - how can you make sure that everything works fine?

Automation in this context means receiving and handling the flow of information within the systems so that the human intervention is removed from or minimal in the process. Often these business applications are managed by partners, who are responsible for the functionality of one or two of these different solutions. In some companies there is an additional partner responsible for making all the integrations to work between the systems. How well does this work in practice? How does the End-to-End-process look like from the personnel or the customer point of view?

Digitilized processes are becoming more and more important for the business, and many of the business owners are struggling on ensuring their flawless operation. Some companies have taken a step back to insource these operations to be able to develop and manage them better from the business point of view. Digital solutions are used on a high number of browsers and on ever increasing amount of tablets and other mobile devices. How is the compatibility ensured in this development and operation? By having our business people test everything, so that we can have peace of mind for our digital operations?

That is a lovely idea, but it has many shortcomings. More and more of the systems related to these digital business processes will be taken into The Cloud in the near future. The Cloud will make the management of the solutions easier but brings an increased update cycle time to the solutions as a side effect. This means that the amount of testing for the processes with all the different user interfaces and pieces of equipment will explode, and your personnel will end up testing the same scenarios over and over again and more often. Have you wondered how dull mundane and repetitive tasks will affect the employee experience?

Is testing a waste of time then? In the sense of doing repetitive tasks to ensure the functionality of a business process on multiple devices and browsers, time after time, then yes it is. It is a waste of time for the employees, who could use that time working for the customers of the company or internal clients. However, the testing itself is not in vain at all, for you need to make sure the processes work. So, what could be the remedy for this challenge?

Robotic Software Testing is one approach to ensure the flow and operations of the digitalized business processes. A robot can test an End-to-End-process much faster than a human being, and it can handle all the different browsers and devices with the same test cases. Another benefit with the robots is, that they do not make any mistakes in feeding in the information and reading the results. With advanced robotic solutions, you can video record the test runs to have a full view on how the process went through, and also to see the possible faulty behavior for designing the corrective actions.

Would it be a good time to take action for this waste removal?

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Kari Virtanen

Written by Kari Virtanen

Account Executive