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Jun 11, 2020 / by Qentinel

As the world changes and becomes more and more digital, companies need to keep up with the development. New ideas as well as ability to create social and economic value from those ideas is becoming increasingly important. On the technology field new innovations emerge almost every day. How you define a game-changing technology and what do you need to achieve to make something truly game-changing?

Forbes Technology Council listed 16 of those technologies. Forbes is always on the lookout for new emerging devices, programs and systems that could revolutionize the industry. Council shared their selection of the most impressive piece of tech from the last three years. Qentinel's cloud-based automated UI testing is also on the list. "We have been using Qentinel Pace, a cloud-based UI testing framework based on robot framework. Qentinel makes testing easy for technical people, and we can add that to our build automation stack. Unit tests have always be the biggest bang for the buck. Qentinel might displace that", Patrick Emmons from DragonSpears commented.

Discover Qentinel Pace

Qentinel Pace is a next generation AI powered cloud based robotic software testing platform. It enables organizations & teams of all skill sets to build, run, and maintain UI tests for desktop, mobile, and web applications. And the best part is, it's now available for everyone. We are now offering a free of charge and perpetual Qentinel Pace personal plan. You can sign-up for Qentinel Pace and try out how to leverage a hyper-scalable and most productive test automation solution directly from the cloud. With that, you can utilize the full potential of robotic software testing.

Qentinel Pace is based on open source tools like Robot Framework, Jenkins and Git. "We are a very strong proponent of the open-source and giving back to the community, hence we are offering a free of charge perpetual personal plan for everyone. Now you can use Qentinel Pace for test automation in your projects" says Nikhil Sharma, Product Manager in Qentinel.

Choose the best plan for you

With your personal Trial-plan you can use 60 test minutes per month. This enables test automation with one robot in one project. Mobile and native application test automation is included in paid subscription. So if you need more features you can always upgrade you plan.

In addition, Qentinel provides a range of learning content and online trainings. You can choose between different training levels based on your own skills. You can start your journey today to acquire the skill set needed to develop most efficient test automation on Qentinel Pace.

Explore full feature set with enterprise trial

Team-level subscription also includes a free first month. Already during this month you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the use and benefits of Qentinel Pace.
Here's what you can expect during your trial of Qentinel Pace:

  1. Ease and speed of deployment
  2. Cross platform test automation in practise
  3. Improving testing efficiency
  4. Improving your personal automation skills.

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