Gartner's customer survey evaluated Qentinel's testing solution

Jan 28, 2020 / by Qentinel

Gartner, world's leading research and advisory company, has evaluated Qentinel's robotic software testing solution.

Qentinel Pace was launched as a SaaS service in the beginning of the year 2018. It ensures the success of your business by assuring the quality of your business critical end-to-end processes, in the ever growing ecosystem. Now it is included into Gartner's customer reviews for the first time. In the Gartner Peer Review Qentinel Pace got 4,7/ 5 rating.

The competitive advantages of Qentinel Pace are efficiency, predictability, and scalability. Customers in USA appreciated that writing and running tests is simple and fast. Qentinel Pace stands out from the rest as a scalable cloud-based service which means testing cases are easy to adapt for changing situations and needs. User friendly interface and architecture was also highly appreciated by customers, since it's very understandable also to non-technical person.

Functionality of critical systems and end-to-end processes are easy to evaluate with clear test reports. When you have functional and explicit reports you can predict quality of your software or upcoming release based on analytical information. Customers also valued highly Qentinel's expertise and ability to co-operate as important issues.

Comments from USA customers:

  • Writing and running test scripts are very efficient and fast.
  • The architecture is understandable for non-developer staff.
  • Reporting is easily readable and support has been responsive and clear. 

Gartner Peer Review Qentinel Pace

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Written by Qentinel