How to do software testing from your home couch?

Apr 09, 2020 / by Nikhil Sharma

Exceptional, there is no other word I could think of right now to define the current state of our world more succinctly. Our lives as a whole are disrupted in an unprecedented way.
Although, the world economy is significantly impacted, fortunately it has not come to an absolute stop nevertheless. The BBC published an article on what of this would have happened in 2005 when Skype was two years old and Facebook was one year old and a high speed internet connection in China or India was a thing of luxury. It would not be a bit of exaggeration giving technology its due credit for enabling businesses to operate in some sorts in times like these.

"Your business is only as good as the software driving it" is what we say at Qentinel every day. This could not be any more apt to our state of world. In a non-strict manner, this could be extended to, "the quality of your life is currently as good as the software you are using". Our dependence on technology has drastically shot up during this pandemic. We are relying on software, do groceries, do exercises, to stay in touch with friends and families etc.

Handling software testing remotely

The businesses that are operating currently are able to do so because of their early adoption of various technologies. They have enabled their employees for remote working, they have ensured their business processes are automated and regularly monitored and their development work is unhindered. Diving deeper specifically into software development teams and investigating their processes around software quality assurance, the big questions in times like these are

  • How can you ensure the quality of software?
  • How can you sustain the speed of your software development?
  • How is software testing being conducted when everyone is working remotely?
  • How do you have visibility on your entire software development processes?
  • How are you making informed decisions on your software production updates?

During the last 4 weeks, our partners and customers have been able to uninterruptedly conduct software testing. They have been not only executing test automation for their applications but also keeping a holistic view on their DevOps processes. The applications being tested are not restricted to any platform either, tests are being executed on native applications, web browsers applications and mobile applications. To a large part this has become possible because of their active mindset on being the early technology adaptors. They are leveraging Qentinel Pace, a cloud based hyper-automation robotic software testing product.

Our customers, though working in this disrupted times are in complete control of the quality of their software application and business processes. They are conducting QA over cloud. They are leveraging Qentinel Pace robots for running their web application testing in cloud, mobile app testing in device farms and native application testing. You might wonder on how is testing being conducted for applications which are behind secure networks. For a portion of customers our robots use computer vision technology to test their application over remote desktop protocol. And for another portion of our customers, they have taken our robots inside their secured networks. While the robots are in secured networks, they can still be securely orchestrated over web. The on-prem robots do their task and send the results back to Qentinel Pace.

Towards cloud-native future

As every crisis leaves us changed, so will this. It will change our perception towards life, family, economy, travelling and ways of working. Not only for us individuals but for companies as well. Organizations that have been more traditional in their ways of working and cloud-phobic, will be needed to reconsider their strategies. There will be a drastic shift in people working remotely, including test automation experts, test analysts, QA managers etc. This shift will need solutions which are cloud native and can support test development, test execution, test management, test analysis regardless of a professional’s physical location.
My heart does go out for the companies that are struggling for survival in this crisis. On the other hand the crisis has provided a fertile ground for new businesses to launch and others to become more successful. Although this crisis is everyman's nightmare and no man's dream but history is witness that after every crisis economy has come back stronger than ever and grown faster than ever. Let’s stay safe.



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Nikhil Sharma

Written by Nikhil Sharma