How to succeed with 5,000 ERP related version updates per year?

Dec 04, 2018 / by Esko Hannula

Soon you will go through as many as 5,000 ERP related version updates per year.

 The numbers have changed!

In the old times, it took a year to plan an ERP implementation, 2 years to implement, one year to test and roll out – and then we used it for 7 years.

Today, even SAP is in the cloud, businesses are truly global, amount of data is huge, integrations are plentiful, and the “E” in ERP is not about “enterprise” but about “ecosystem”.

You may still use your SAP for 7 years but it gets updated quite frequently. Every day something you depend on gets changed somewhere. It is quite normal for a larger corporation to go through as many as 5,000 version updates per year. Some of them are highly critical, some may carry a lesser risk.

If everything works well,  everybody’s happy. But things that don’t work well are likely to have a direct impact on your customer experience. You play a continuous game of balancing speed, cost, and quality.

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Esko Hannula

Written by Esko Hannula