Qentinel is a finalist for Best Digital Strategy at International CX Awards

Sep 18, 2018 / by Pia Tapio

Qentinel and Sanoma Media Finland are honored to be one of the International Customer Experience Awards 2018 finalists with a joint digital quality experience success story within Best Digital Strategy category. Qentinel helped Sanoma Media Finland to understand their customer feedback and increase both customer satisfaction and quality of their digital services.

The Awards finals and ceremony will be held in Amsterdam on November 20th, 2018.

How to get grip of digital quality experience to succeed in the right now economy

Due to even faster than expected digitalization of mass media market, Sanoma Media Finland faced a problem with the overall understanding of the quality of their online news services, Helsingin Sanomat. The targets they had were also demanding: improve quality and activate online customers, especially the younger ones.

Success in the digital era is important when the overall demand for the print version of newspapers decreases. This requires continuous development together with cherishing quality and preparing for a fully digital future.

Sanoma Media Finland were not able to put their customer feedback into perspective. Customer feedback collection was all fragmented and scattered in different departments.

Sanoma Media Finland decided to take action with the help of Qentinel. The objective was to gain a better understanding of the quality of Helsingin Sanomat online news service in order to improve customer experience and retention.

By ensuring that right things are measured that are relevant for quality and customer experience, the impact of marketing and other development activities to business and conversion rates is understood better. KPIs provide fact-based insight for decision-making.

Customer experience can be measured and improved

Helsingin Sanomat Online's technical quality improved 15 % during the first quarter and the amount of very satisfied customers increased 4 % based on survey. The Quality Index figure provided by Qentinel Insights has enabled Helsingin Sanomat to react rapidly and consistently. As a single figure, it gives instant information on the overall situation.

Helsingin Sanomat has increased their overall number of subscribers with over 60% of subscribers paying for the digital content. Read more

Sanoma Media Finland operates in more channels than any other Finnish media house. Sanoma delivers information, experiences and entertainment through newspaper and magazine, television, radio, online and mobile services reaching almost everyone in Finland on a daily basis. Sanoma Media Finland is part of the Sanoma Group, a European pioneer in consumer media and learning services.

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Pia Tapio

Written by Pia Tapio