Five reasons why you should meet your personal test bot in the cloud now

Feb 02, 2021 / by Dirk Strubberg

"If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I'll simply tell them that it's a better way to run your business." Salesforce founder Marc Benioff.



Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce or SAP are moving the digital hub into the cloud with giant strides. But what does that mean for your job in software QA if you are a developer or tester? You need to test earlier, faster and more often. The requirements are constantly increasing. Now there is a solution: robotic test automation from the cloud. And you can meet your personal test bot at any time. This is free of charge for you.

1. It loves open source

Many make their first experiences in test automation with open source tools like Robot Framework, Selenium, Appium or Jenkins. We also started this way, because Qentinel comes from Finland and has been involved in the development of Robot Framework for 15 years. And now we have combined these tools with a robotic testing platform that greatly improves speed, stability and usability: Qentinel Pace.

2. It is extremely carefree

Qentinel Pace is a pre-configured test environment in the cloud, which enables the test pipeline to be started within minutes. Our test bots speak PaceWords, a simple language that works in all environments - web, mobile, desktop. Test scripts can be created in any application - even in SAP or Salesforce - simply by drag & drop or with live recording. End users can also write tests - try it out!

3. It's always there when you need it

Is your test capacity always at its limit when it is needed most urgently? Do you pay a lot of money for licenses that you use only a few times a year? In traditional software development, testing is mostly seasonal work. At Qentinel Pace you only pay for capacity when you really need it. Short-term upscaling is possible without problems. If you don't need your test bot, it simply disappears back into the cloud.

4. It always pays attention to your safety

Some still think their own network is more secure than the cloud. That's because the Internet is a jungle that constantly generates new threats. And that's exactly why test automation from the cloud always offers the latest security and access controls. You can also use hybrid setups where sensitive data remain behind your firewall, while test management is conveniently done from the cloud.

5. It gives you more time for the beautiful things in life

Continuous testing as part of a good CI/CD pipeline is a real time eater. It's a good thing that our test bots prefer to do what takes up most of your time: lengthy E2E or regression tests. This allows you to focus on what you enjoy, e.g. development and creative testing. And test bots don't argue with the developers, don't bitch about overtime or take a vacation when you need them most.

Your personal test bot is already waiting for you!

Try out our test automation from the cloud now. You can watch a few videos first or log in directly and meet your personal pace bot, who is now available every month for 60 minutes free of charge for your web tests! If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us : *)

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Dirk Strubberg

Written by Dirk Strubberg