PaceEditor available as a VSCode extention

Apr 28, 2021 / by Kimmo Nupponen

PaceEditor is the next-generation highly advanced test development environment for PaceWord and Robot Framework test scripts supporting numerous features to aid in your test development and make it extremely efficient.

PaceEditor has been a critical part of Qentinel Pace test automation platform on the cloud for quite some time already, but now we have made the editor also available for local development as a VSCode extension available to install completely for free! Just search for the “PaceEditor” extension in your VSCode (View > Extensions > Search Extensions in Marketplace) or go to Marketplace and install it.

Even though PaceEditor has been created for Qentinel PaceWord scripting, you can also use it for vanilla Robot Framework scripting as well. PaceWords are built on Robot Framework and establish an extremely strong library foundation for a web application, mobile, desktop, and embedded testing with a focus on UI level. While PaceEditor is available for Robot Framework scripting without a need to associate your PaceEditor VSCode extension with Qentinel Pace, the integration with Pace unlocks a large variety of very advanced test development facilities including predictive suggestions, test case analytics, and test flow deviation detection analytics.

It’s worth noting that registration is completely free, and you can start using Pace (and get the integration rocking with your local PaceEditor VSCode extension) by signing up at Happy test development using PaceEditor! 

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Kimmo Nupponen

Written by Kimmo Nupponen