Predict the most likely test steps in your test cases with ML

May 12, 2021 / by Kimmo Nupponen

As described in the earlier Qentinel blog post, PaceEditor of Qentinel Pace is a next-generation highly advanced test development environment for PaceWord and Robot Framework test scripts. It leverages a massive amount of test case data when it’s guiding the user through the scripting process.

PaceEditor helps you to create test scripts by constantly monitoring and analysing your actions as you are working with your test scripts. Based on your test cases and test flow so far, it will infer and predict the most probable next actions. The results of this inference and prediction process are proactively provided to you through suggestions, guidance, and tips.

The core concept of the PaceEditor is the analysis, inference, and prediction capability that enables the editor to create targeted and accurate predictions on the user's most probable next actions and constantly providing suggestions for the most probable next steps. These predictions are created and presented before you even start typing the next action in the test script. This is in stark contrast to conventional advanced editor features such as code completion or IntelliSense which aims to complete what you are already typing. The PaceEditor will make the suggestions already before you have typed a single character! Furthermore, it also has the capability to further improve the accuracy of the predictions by analysing the users' input. 

To predict the next most likely test steps in your test cases, PaceEditor has trained a collection of advanced machine learning algorithms using a massive set of test case data.

The predictions offered by the PaceEditor make the scripting process extremely efficient. The editor helps to make sure that we don’t accidentally omit steps that are required for achieving the overall goals of scripting which often include completeness and quality. The predictions offered by the PaceEditor can on one extreme eliminate the need of manual scripting altogether as you can simply progress by iteratively selecting and accepting the next scripting action from the list of proposed suggestions. 

PaceEditor is part of Qentinel Pace and you can directly access it using your favourite browser by simply logging in to Pace and navigating to your test suite. If you have no account to Pace already today, you can quickly create one and start using Pace for free. You can also install PaceEditor directly to your VSCode editor from Marketplace and use it for local test development. Whatever you prefer for test development!  

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Kimmo Nupponen

Written by Kimmo Nupponen