Press release – Finnish Customs invests in test automation development

Feb 08, 2017 / by Mia Sinisalo

Qentinel’s test automation solution to reduce manual test work for Customs

Finnish Customs has signed a two-year agreement with software quality assurance company Qentinel to deliver a test automation system. Qentinel’s test automation solution will help Customs reduce manual test work and ensure coverage through all stages of testing.

Finnish Customs is in the process of implementing several extensive software development projects. Successful conclusion of these projects also requires a completely new level of testing.

“Customs has long developed process automation and increased the level of automation of customs declarations handling, so investing in test automation is a natural extension. Investing in test automation has been a strategic decision and it is one of the key requirement for the success of our projects,” says Sanna Qvist, Finnish Customs’ Head of Testing.

“In addition to test automation we are also developing processes for test data creation and management. Customs’ IT systems are part of a large ecosystem, in which end-to-end testing requires comprehensive test data,” comments Miika Soininen, Country Manager for Qentinel Finland.

“The goal of Finnish Customs is to improve test coverage and to benefit from modern automated solutions for quality assurance of our IT systems,” notes Finnish Customs Development Manager Pirjo Heinäaro.

“Through a competitive bidding process we gained a partner that has accumulated extensive expertise from test automation projects in demanding environments to develop our testing,” Heinäaro comments about the partnership with Qentinel.

“The test automation work has begun in a good spirit of cooperation. Customs’ inhouse testers have been able to trial the automation and have described the Qentinel automation solution as easy to use, clear and even engaging,” adds Sanna Qvist.

“Test automation work has advanced from piloting of the automation solution to initial implementation. The project has progressed smoothly and we are already seeing evidence of its suitability for the Customs environment,” Heinäaro concludes.

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Finnish Customs is a member of the European Union customs system. Finnish Customs is an agency subject to the guidance of the Ministry of Finance and works in partnership with business and industry as well as domestic and foreign authorities. Finnish Customs employs about 2,200 people.

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Mia Sinisalo

Written by Mia Sinisalo