Pro tips for painlessly cutting your IT budget in 2019

Oct 01, 2018 / by Esko Hannula

Even in the best of times, we are constantly being asked to deliver more for each dollar in our budget while simultaneously maintaining existing output. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stretch your IT budget in 2019.

TIP #1: Take advantage of the Headcount Benefit

If you write any code in your organization, you’ll know that you need one tester for every three developers. By introducing robotic testing with Qentinel Pace automated testing software, you can boost that ratio to one tester for every 10 developers. You are basically cloning your best testers and getting more for every dollar spent. This allows you to focus 100% of new headcount on development resources while maintaining – or even decreasing – your testing budget. As your code becomes more complex, testing robots can work 24x7 to keep your development efforts on pace – even allowing you to catch up on projects that are running late!

TIP #2: Take advantage of the Quality Benefit

Another great benefit of robotic testing is the quality improvement you get – on many levels. Robots do not make mistakes and they provide the opportunity for faster feedback and greater reliability in your development team. By turning around results at a much faster rate you get better outcomes that require less rework and refactoring.

An added advantage is visibility into testing dependencies that can only be revealed by automated testing systems. And if development velocity is your goal, you can continuously test – at the same time that you continuously release software into production. Maintaining quality at an increased pace requires the power of automated and robotic testing – just what Qentinel Pace delivers.

This might sound like a major cultural change that will require years of implementation and tons of buy-in. Nothing could be further from the truth. Automated testing helps your people work the way they would prefer to work. Developers can develop with fewer delays, less subjectivity, reduced errors and better feedback. Testers – especially the rock stars – now have new tools to handle the last minute late-night/weekend scramble that often comes with tight deadlines.

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Esko Hannula

Written by Esko Hannula