QA robot is your answer, when you want to hire more developers and fewer testers!

Jan 19, 2018 / by Esko Hannula

Are you struggling to get all your code released? So are many others. The solution may be hiring a robot – a QA robot! 

The total amount of software testing keeps growing – and the time available for testing keeps shrinking. Modern software systems are created by an agile process in frequent releases. They also tend to have a growing number of integrations to other systems.

Modern high-performance software organizations are lean and continuously improve their productivity. They automate everything they can and measure their performance systematically.

Automated testing is a necessity. There is abundance of nice tools to choose from, some of them even free. Those who have done test automation in large, know, however, that test automation is hard to scale. Handy visual tools used by testers fall short in low level tests and higher-level system tests. More technical tools provide fine-grained control but require a lot of programming effort. In other words, you end up using your skilled developers for writing automated tests instead of writing code for your clients. The bigger and the more complex your software, the more challenging it gets.

Hire a QA robot!

QA robots work around-the-clock, never make mistakes and lower your testing costs dramatically. You can then use your extra budget to hire developers rather than testers. And when your programmers are writing production code rather than test automation scripts – your progress is accelerated.

Qentinel Pace enables robotic, cloud-based QA. You get your QA results faster with fewer testers. You don’t need human beings to execute the tests. You don’t need programmers to write the test cases. And you pay only for the actual testing time.

And it doesn’t end here! Do you really measure your software process rigorously and improve it based on facts? Few people do. With Qentinel Pace you also get centralized control of your quality and can track the performance of your teams with an array of visualized KPIs. You are in control of the levers to improve your speed, productivity, cost, and quality – and you can easily analyze the impact of the improvements you make in your process.

Qentinel Pace was designed by people who have automated testing in the most challenging environments: large e-commerce sites, distributed real-time control systems, financial services platforms, healthcare information systems, industrial production control systems, to name a few. They wrote Qentinel Pace because they saw how well-designed, scalable, reusable test automation helps improve productivity, quality, and time-to-market.

Esko Hannula, CEO of Qentinel Group, is a seasoned executive and business thinker. He has more than 25 years’ experience in forerunner positions creating unique and revolutionary products, solutions and technologies. Read more:


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Esko Hannula

Written by Esko Hannula