Qentinel is a certified supplier for the state of Finland

Jan 03, 2020 / by Iris Alanen

Qentinel is a certified supplier of professional and IT consulting services for the state of Finland under a dynamic purchasing system for the period 2018-2022.

Using a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), government organizations can procure expert services related to the design, management, development and maintenance of various IT services and information systems, along with information security and asset management. Services can focus on fixed-term projects and continuous service needs.

Qentinel offers testing services, apart from project management and specification services. The acquisition target could also be so called small procurement, where the procurement is below the national threshold (IT consultancy procurement: 60,000 euros).

The state supplier logo indicates that Qentinel is eligible to participate in competitive tendering organized by Hansel.

“We are happy and proud to be a Hansel supplier. Qentinel has extensive experience in working with challenging government projects and specifically as partners in quality assurance, testing, and test automation services for large-scale system projects,” says Qentinel’s Account Executive Iris Alanen.

“Qentinel's products bring visibility to the value of digital services and provide measurement data and forecasts that make for effective decision-making. Projects are managed with precise, up-to-date information. As a Hansel supplier, we want to provide new and effective methods to ensure successful implementation of even the most demanding system projects and digital services,” Alanen adds.


Topics: Software Testing, Quality Assurance

Iris Alanen

Written by Iris Alanen

Account Executive