Quality assurance in tough times

Mar 25, 2020 / by Esko Hannula

COVID-19 affects us all and - assessing with a true QA attitude - the worst thing may be that we still know too little about it.

The testing and QA teams of Qentinel switched to remote operation already a few weeks ago; except those projects that are carried out in customers’ dedicated premises.

We were lucky to decide already a couple of years ago to take all our information systems in the cloud. Back then it was a pain but now made the transition to “all remote” mode easy for us.

Relationships are important also in the times of social distancing. We’re having a virtual coffee break every afternoon. Everybody’s having their coffee at their own remote work desk, and Teams is kept open.

Majority of Qentinel specialists work on test automation. Qentinel Pace - robotic testing platform enables geographically distributed work as well as real-time sharing of test cases and test results in the cloud. That is why we have been able to continue service without interruption. Qentinel Pace is easy and fast to deploy. We are happy to tell more. Contact us!

Quality of software is quality of life. Just an average day of an average person executes roughly 10 000 000 lines of code in different applications and information systems. Qentinel exists to create confidence in the quality of that code, even under exceptional circumstances.

Stay healthy and take care of each other!


Topics: Testautomation, Quality Assurance

Esko Hannula

Written by Esko Hannula