Run Qentinel Pace tests from GitHub

Feb 15, 2021 / by Jarno Lintusaari

We have recently added a GitHub action for running Qentinel Pace tests directly from GitHub.

GitHub Actions are GitHub's way of building software workflows, and they can be used for building, testing, and deploying your code right from GitHub, among other things.

It is important to be able to easily test your code whenever you make changes to the codebase or plan to make a new release to catch bugs as early as possible. With the Qentinel Pace action, you can now automate that by adding the action to your CI/CD pipeline to ensure everything works as expected. The Qentinel Pace UI will collect statistics of the run and provide tests reports for investigation just as before, but you do not need to manually start tests or rely on predefined schedules. You can test when you need to.

Even earlier one could send out API calls to Qentinel Pace for triggering an execution from basically any CI/CD tool. GitHub actions makes it even simpler and seamless. In the future, we will add similar support for other popular automation and CI/CD tools.

Stay tuned.

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Jarno Lintusaari

Written by Jarno Lintusaari