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Future of software testing based on learnings from Selenium and Robot Framework

Apr 06, 2021 | Qentinel

Tatu Aalto, the Senior Software Developer of F-Secure, tells a story about his journey in the software testing field. He is currently a lead developer of SeleniumLibrary and participating in the Browser Library as one of the core team members as well. Aalto shares his insights on software testing, open source, and outlines views for the future.

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New Android Automotive Test Automation Cooperation by Unikie and Qentinel

Mar 31, 2021 | Qentinel

Software technology companies Unikie and Qentinel have begun collaboration on automation testing of software solutions for the Automotive industry. Unikie develops technology for automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 operators. Qentinel is a leading provider of robotic software testing solutions.

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Automating boring tasks

Mar 26, 2021 | Qentinel

Pekka Kiviniemi, Senior Test Automation Expert and QWeb developer tells his story behind the development of QWeb automation library. Pekka thinks the best thing about test automation is the automation of boring repetitive tasks which are better to leave for robots.

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Solving problems with QWeb

Mar 19, 2021 | Qentinel

Tuomas Koukkari, Senior Product Specialist and QWeb Owner at Qentinel is an expert in test automation. Now he tells, how he was first introduced to software testing and open source software. QWeb automation library was originally created as a project for Finnish Tax Administration and was finally published as open source in March 2021. Koukkari shares his thoughts on QWeb and its benefits. 

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Building open source automation library

Mar 15, 2021 | Qentinel

Antti Heimola, Senior Automation Architect at Qentinel, has been involved in QWeb library development since the beginning. QWeb automation library was originally created as a project for Finnish Tax Administration and is now finally published as open source. Heimola shares his insights about open source software, QWeb, and how he sees the future of software testing. 

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Story behind Robot Framework: How an inspiration created an exceptional concept

Mar 10, 2021 | Qentinel

Pekka Klärck is the main developer behind Robot Framework, the open source test automation and RPA framework. Pekka shares how he was inspired to start developing exceptionally usable automation framework valued by thousands.

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