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Automating SAP testing anytime, anywhere

May 08, 2020 | Jari Leskinen

At a time when face-to-face communication has to be avoided, working remotely is a top priority. A Finn on an average day performs tasks that can run an estimated 10 million lines of code. When it comes to large companies with massive software packages, we are talking about unimaginable amounts of code.

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The benefits of automated testing in a complex SAP environment

Jan 29, 2020 | Maarit Joutlahti

The SAP environment is a complex and multi-dimensional one. Integrating it into other systems and constantly updating it can be a stressful process for a business. You never know what to expect.  SAP business process testing must be a core of your quality assurance strategy. So, what’s the best way to identify and tackle quality assurance challenges early in the game?

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Seven critical steps when utilizing test automation in SAP

Dec 02, 2019 | Nikhil Sharma

When you want to maximize the benefits of test automation in complex SAP landscape, you need to approach the beast piece by piece. These seven steps will help you conquer the impossible.

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Testing is the #1 bottle-neck in software and IT – and it keeps growing

Oct 09, 2019 | Nikhil Sharma

It is normal that testing consumes 30-40% of the average IT budget. Given the amount of work and stakes related to it, it soon becomes clear that manual testing simply isn’t an option anymore. Testing is routinely cited as the #1 bottleneck in delivery speed for example. The industry-average test automation rate is currently a dismal 18% overall—and another research suggests that it’s actually closer to 8% for large enterprises working with complex systems including SAP.

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SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem

Aug 07, 2019 | Qentinel

Qentinel is an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® Open Ecosystem.

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