Test automation for Salesforce directly from the cloud with Qentinel Pace

May 12, 2020 / by Qentinel

Salesforce’s app store AppExchange offers customers third-party applications that work on the Salesforce.com platform. Users can easily download and purchase apps, components and consulting services directly connected to Salesforce. From the thousands of AppExchange apps, you can quickly find extensions and add-ons you need as part of the company’s personalized Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce is one of the largest application development platforms that allow businesses to develop applications that integrate with salesforce.com at a rapidly accelerating pace. Currently, app developers are five times more in demand than present supply. Thanks to intensive development activity, services are expanding and diversifying, enriching business ecosystems. 

While growth and new applications are to be celebrated, what happens to test needs as the pace of development increases exponentially? A five-fold increase in software development means there’s a 10 to 15 times increase in the need for testing — this is without even calculating the integration into different systems.

Testing directly from the cloud

Qentinel Pace is now available on AppExchange. It caters to the growing need for testing by making test automation simple and easy to use. A cloud-based software testing platform, it is specifically designed to make software development testing easier and faster.

Since Qentinel Pace allows testing to run alongside software development, it does not create dreaded bottlenecks. It scales flexibly to suit everything from larger test runs to smaller maintenance tasks without the need to constantly hire more testers.

Currently, only about 18% of companies use test automation and the numbers seem to be even lower among large companies that use complex systems like Salesforce. With expanding ecosystems and new updates constantly being made, manual testing is fast becoming increasingly expensive. As the need for testing increases, so does human error and continuous disruptions can prove detrimental to a business. According to Gartner, test automation is the only solution in the future.

Quality assurance across multiple systems

Qentinel Pace is pre-optimized to be compatible with Salesforce. It lets you write and run tests at the click of a button. When automated tests report errors and predict process quality efficiently, software development and business management can rely on systems. With Qentinel Pace, you can rest assured that Salesforce’s ever-growing ecosystem will work seamlessly both inside and outside Salesforce.com. Business-critical processes are rarely limited to one system.

Qentinel Pace uses machine vision to check that processes run smoothly from one system to another. Artificial intelligence also helps evaluate the quality of the processes and their future prospects. Even
if your business’ core processes are working, Qentinel Pace’s Quality Intelligence can help predict the quality of your software. This allows you to react quickly and make necessary fixes before your business processes suffer.

Unfortunately, system testing and quality assurance are often left only to individual system vendors.
When individual systems are introduced into a big puzzle consisting of applications that are updated at different times and are independent of each other, quality assurance of business processes is ultimately left to the company. It is not easy to take responsibility for the whole ecosystem and the functioning of processes. Without a deep understanding of system complexity and no control over how applications work, it is impossible to succeed in ensuring processes work without assistance.


Qentinel Pace for Salesforce


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