TET trainee Essi working in an office for the first time

Oct 12, 2018 / by Esther Grönstrand

Our TET trainee Essi got her first chance to work in an office. Read Essi's blog where she tells what she did during her two week practice in Qentinel.

My name is Esther but everyone calls me Essi. I am 15 years old and I was a TET trainee in Qentinel for two weeks. During that time I got to do lots of different kind of work.
I didn´t have any expectations of what Qentinel was doing but with a small research I found out that they do robotic software testing. I had really good first impression of their website. It was really easy and interesting to explore the website because it was clear and simple.

Exciting first week

On my first day I was really nervous but still very excited but luckily everything went well. Everybody introduced themselves and were really nice to me. I was told what I am going to do during my trainee period. We did also set up a computer to me.

I went to two different meetings and it was all new to me because I've never been to a real meeting before. In the first meeting we handled the events of the previous week and this week's events. In the second meeting we handled things about social media.

On my first week my biggest task was to update the register in HubSpot (CRM, customer relationship management system). It wasn't hard at all because it wasn't my first time doing register updates and I was given a clear instructions on how to do it so it. Even though I did mostly register updates on the first week I still got to do lots of small tasks too.

For example, I was on an information security training, counted lamps that were burned out, organized pens and lanyards, counted christmas cards and envelopes, cut Friday's information meeting agenda papers and colored them.

Friday was a bit different day. In the morning physiotherapist came to show us all simple and short stretches and exercises that we could do, for example, before a meeting or between work. My personal favourite was the double chin stretch because it was really funny, helpful and easy to do.

Before the information meeting started we put snacks on the table. The meeting was interesting and there were lots of people, which made it even more interesting because I heard other people's opinions.

Learning lots of new things on the second week

On the second week I mostly rearranged mailboxes. I cleaned them, removed the name stickers and put them in alphabetical order. I made the name stickers with Dymo label maker. At first it was hard to use but then I got it and it became easy. I had never used a Dymo machine before but it was fun to type the names with it.

On the second week my other bigger task was writing this blog. I liked writing this blog very much. It was interesting to write in English and it was fun to see what all sorts of things I did in Qentinel.

My final impression of doing the TET practice in Qentinel was very positive. I had lots of fun and it was very interesting to experience working in Qentinel. I learned lots of new things. I got a whole new perspective of what it is like to work in an office and what it is like to be in a meeting. I learned that in an office everyone has their own tasks what they do but still everyone helps each other and works together.

Thank you Qentinel for this huge positive opportunity.

Esther Grönstrand

Written by Esther Grönstrand