Improve time to market with quality automation

Jan 03, 2017 / by Kalle Huttunen

Companies operating in today’s fiercely competitive global markets know that there are few easy breaks and the window of opportunity for getting to market is more short-lived than ever. Firms bent on success one need to do more and they need to do it faster than ever.

In fact, everything seems to be happening at break-neck speed and few have the luxury of time for contemplation and endless iterations before turning out products and services for impatient consumers hungry for the next big thing.

Not only is so much more taking place instantly, it is increasingly happening online. Consumers are accessing digital services on-demand, regardless of location, with their mobile devices. Traditional products are also undergoing substantial digitalization – from to cars, to home appliances and TVs.

Everything is being networked and the Internet of Things will increasingly define the way we interact with our devices and the way they interact among themselves. IoT is here to stay and it is expanding exponentially.

Optimize quality to create value

Traditionally, IT projects and product development have balanced a triad of key parameters: quality, cost and schedule. For many firms operating in today’s increasingly networked and fast-paced environment, schedules or time-to-market can be equated with quality. We at Qentinel define quality as the ability to create value.

We deploy Qentinel Pace to help companies create value by hitting markets earlier – and with improved quality. Qentinel Pace is a cloud-based product that reduces QA lead times to ensure that companies enjoy improved time-to-market. It supports specification of the QA strategy by defining how to improve speed for optimal business value in product or service development.

Qentinel Pace product supports advanced automation to accelerate setup of test environments, execute more tests, deploy test data faster, enable reliable Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and to follow results in real-time.

It supports effective decision-making by providing advanced test automation to quickly and thoroughly test fact-based feedback cycles related to QA strategy. Rapid decision-making ensures that you can focus human resources on the right activities, such as exploratory testing, test design, test strategy work and continuous improvement.

Ultimately though, we won’t benefit from great speed if we don’t get things right. No matter how many new versions are issued, and no matter how quickly, if they undermine the previous releases, don’t serve the end users or don’t improve the business case, they will not succeed.

Kalle Huttunen is a director at Qentinel with a special focus on Qentinel Pace. He is a testing industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience working with startups and established corporations in the field. Kalle’s training and expertise have been tried and tested in a variety of roles, including test automation architect, test strategy consultant and test manager.


Topics: Time-to-Market, Quality Assurance

Kalle Huttunen

Written by Kalle Huttunen