ASQF Quality Day

    • November 26th 2020 
    • 10am-18:15pm (UTC +2)
    • Online

    Qentinel is part of ASQF Quality Day!

    This time ASQF Quality Day is all about DevOps. What will the future of software development look like? Is DevOps really just a hype or is it necessity? Register and learn:

    • Is DevOps solution or technology?
    • What do technical solutions, examples look like?  
    • What does DevOps bring to companies?
    • What do technical solutions, examples look like?
    • What requirements does a company have to meet?

    Starting at 16:45  (UTC+2) our Chief R&D Evangelist Henri Terho will provide his insights on why DevOps is a culture change made possible by automation

    Event is held mostly in German but our presentation will be in English.