Qentinel Webinar - How open-source has fuelled DevOps

    • February 4th 2021 
    • 3 - 4 pm (EET)
    • Online

    You are warmly welcome to join our webinar on Thursday February 4th starting at 3pm (UTC+2).

    Flexibility, community, ecosystem and openness. There are multiple reasons why adoption of open-source has grown rapidly in the past decade. DevOps space is filled with open-source technologies. Open-source technologies has been a key-driver in the DevOps movement and vice-versa, DevOps movement has led to the birth of many open-source technologies. 

    In this session our experts Henri Terho Chief R&D Evangelist of Qentinel, Nikhil Sharma Product Manager of Qentinel Pace and Kalle Mäkelä Lead DevOps Architect of Eficode will share their insights and discuss about:

    • Key open-source technologies in the DevOps space and their use
    • Advantages of the open-source model
    • Things to be wary of
    • Businesses around open-source technologies

    Are you ready to add superpowers to software testing? Welcome aboard on feb 4th, we look forward to seeing you soon!


    Watch the recording!