Qentinel Pace May Demo

    • May 7th
    • 12:00-12:45 noon (EEST)
    • Online

    Welcome to join Qentinel Pace Demo! 

    Online event will take place on Friday, May 7th at 11:00-11:45am (CEST) or 12:00-12:45 noon (EEST) depending on your timezone. Monthly online event series demonstrates the main features of the latest Qentinel Pace release. This time our main topics revolve around QI for DevOps, ML and AI. Join the discussion!

    • How to best measure DevOps: Quality Intelligence for DevOps with Juha-Markus Aalto
    • Artificial Intelligence: How do tests heal when the SUT changes?
    • Performance change detection
    • User Interface updates
    • Q&A

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