Qentinel workshop in RoboCon2021

    • March 15th 
    • 12 - 4 pm (EET, UTC +2) 
    • Online

    Welcome to join Qentinel workshop "QWeb - A Robot Framework library for web application testing"! 

    One of our main goals this year is to support the community around Robot Framework. To support this effort we are open sourcing our web technologies and libraries. In this workshop we will share how to use them effectively and how to create the most maintainable web tests possible!

    The workshop is 80% hands-on, just a short introduction of a new library for you to use and a bit of Principles of Design before the hands-on.

    Agenda of the workshop:

    Short introduction of QWeb library,
    Principles of Design – how to automate with low maintenance,
    Hands-on - Each section has its material, exercises, and exercise solutions:

    • Controlling browser
    • Basic interactions
    • Assertions
    • Getting data
    • Advanced clicking
    • Timeouts
    • Anchors
    • Handling Alerts
    • Blocks
    • Table keywords
    • Debugging
    • Settings / Configuration
    • Extending QWeb


    • Setup instructions will be provided – ‘pip install qweb’
    • Configure your laptops before the workshop

    This workshop is for all with some test automation experience, no coding skills needed. The workshop language is English.

    See you soon!