Webinar recording: SAP Business Process Testing

    Business critical end-to-end processes often run through many complex software systems like SAP and the surrounding ecosystem. 

    Businesses need to rely heavily on the uninterrupted functioning of SAP and its integrations. A simple sales order often runs through several different systems, and even a small failure in the most critical process can be bad news. That's why thorough end-to-end SAP ERP testing is crucial.

    In this webinar recording, we cover topics including: 

    🎧  Why testing is the #1 bottleneck in software and IT — and it keeps growing
    🎧  How to enable automation to tackle this common challenge
    🎧  How to leverage productivity in testing - and how we do it with Conformiq
    🎧  How to maximize the benefits of test automation in a complex SAP landscape





    Watch the recording on YouTube here