ASQF netweek 2021

    • April 26th 
    • 11:00-12:00 noon (CEST)
    • Online

    ASQF netweek will take place on April 2021 and Qentinel is participating as a sponsoring member. This time main topics are test approaches, UI, agility and test automation.

    Welcome to join our talk "Visual web testing and the future of scriptless testing" on Monday starting at 11:00 am (CEST) or 12:00 noon (EEST) depending on your time zone.

    The advent of multiple different reactive frameworks in web frontend development has caused a lot of problems in testing web frontend. As the frontend is dynamically created, tests break when Id’s change and layouts switch internal structures.

    Decoupling tests from the actual structure of the document and linking them to actual interactions and content is key in verifying that the page operates in a human interactable way, even if the structure underneath would change. And as the main principle is to create pages that are being interacted by humans, our tools also have to evolve to interact the same way, not just through Xpaths or HTML.

    In this talk we go through different approaches to vision based and content based testing of web pages and how modern AI and OCR technologies can be used to create robust tests for web pages and human readable test cases to better convey the actual meaning of the work. We also present open source libraries and web platforms to offer concrete examples of how these solutions can be constructed to be a part of your pipeline. 

    Our online talk is in English and event is free of charge.