Leveraging E2E test automation in Salesforce ecosystem

    • June 24th
    • 14:00 pm (CEST) / 17:30 pm (IST)
    • Online

    How to leverage E2E test automation in large software ecosystems? Join Cygnet Infotech and Qentinel's collaboration webinar on Thursday June 24th starting at 14:00 pm to find out! 

    Does it feel like end-to-end testing of cloud platforms such as Salesforce is increasingly complex and difficult? It seems to be common concern for companies, especially when critical business processes are at stake. In this webinar, we aim to address those concerns and provide some much needed insight from test automation and DevOps point of view.

    We'll shed light on, how you can test Salesforce environment effectively with our test automation solution Qentinel Pace, and how the scalable cloud platform helps in maintenance by enabling you to run tests end to end in any software environment.

    We'll demonstrate, how to create tests in the cloud and run them effectively to make sure your critical systems are running. We want you to be able to test different platforms as effectively as you can, either to guarantee your own business, or make it easier for you to manage testing your clients applications.

    Key takeaways:

    • Why you should try Qentinel Pace for Salesforce?
    • How to use Qentinel Pace for Salesforce?
    • Easily scale your testing with cloud resources
    • Learn how much more efficient it is to test with cloud resources

    Are you ready to add superpowers to software testing? Welcome aboard on June 24th, we look forward to seeing you soon!