Qentinel webinar-Do's and Don'ts of test automation

    • 28.9. 2020
    • 14 pm (GMT +3)
    • Online

    As a partner of ASQF online net week we are happy to invite you to listen our discussion about test automation! From 15 years of experience we know: Test automation is not only a tool set, but also a mindset.

    In the next four years about 500 million new apps will be developed worldwide - the same amount as in the last 40 years. Trends like CI/CD, Cloud or DevOps show: The way software is developed is changing rapidly. Testing must also change and test automation is the only solution to keep pace with the increasing requirements.

    Qentinel is a pioneer in test automation, because Robot Framework was created not least in our development center in Helsinki. Today we test 10 million lines of code daily and offer a scalable and user-friendly professional product Qentinel Pace based on Robot Framework and other open source tools.

    Nikhil Sharma, the product manager of Qentinel Pace, will talk to our German managing director Dirk Strubberg about his own experiences and show how you can effectively use test automation, where you can achieve quick results and avoid typical setbacks.

    We will show you the most important challenges, problems and lessons learned when using test automation:

    • Manual regression testing and error blindness.
    • The tester's fear of automation.
    • Open source is nice, but a lot of work.
    • Does testing have to be a bottleneck?
    • Does the solution lie in the cloud?
    • Do the test robots serve humans or vice versa?
    • Routine vs. creativity.
    • The Pareto principle of test automation.


    Discussion is free of charge and held mostly in English.

    Nikhil Sharma - Product Manager Qentinel Pace of Qentinel Group
    Nikhil Sharma is Master of Engineering and has a strong passion for SW quality. He has many years of experience in quality assurance and test automation. He was involved in the introduction of test automation projects in large companies. Since January 2019 he has been leading the product management for the cloud-based test automation Qentinel Pace. Besides his work he is an enthusiastic hiker and runner.

    Dirk Strubberg - Managing Director Qentinel GmbH
    Dirk Strubberg is Managing Director of the German subsidiary of the Qentinel Group. As SAFe Agilist and project coach he has accompanied numerous transformation and digitization projects in the industry. He sees the greatest challenges not only in technology, but also in managing expectations, team structures, work processes and risk factors in the organization. On the way to the office and otherwise, he likes to ride his eBike.