How to succeed in E2E test automation with Robot Framework

    • May 27th
    • 12:00-13:00 pm (CEST)
    • Online

    How to accelerate E2E test automation using Robot Framework? Join Qentinel & Conformiq's collaboration webinar on Thursday, May 27th to find out!

    Managing large business processes with complex software ecosystems is often challenging and need automated E2E systems for smooth functioning. Then, how can organizations ensure that integrations between systems, roll-outs and upgrades in the software landscape will run smoothly? This session will provide answers to your questions.

    In this session, our experts Alexis Despeyroux, Client Advisor, Europe at Conformiq and Henri Terho, Chief R&D Evangelist at Qentinel will discuss ease of working with codeless automation, i.e. keyword-driven test automation. They will share their insights on why keyword-driven test automation is crucial especially when using Robot Framework and how organizations will benefit with minimal human intervention.

    Key take aways:

    • Why companies need E2E testing
    • How E2E is related to test automation and test design
    • What means keyword-driven test automation
    • What are the advantages of keyword-driven testing
    • Benefits when using Conformiq’s Creator and Qentinel’s Pace integrated test automation
    • Demo

    This online event will be in English and free of charge.