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Qentinel Webinar

01.6.2019 / by Qentinel

  • 5.3.2020
  • 16:00-16:45
  • Online

Welcome to join our webinar on Thursday, 5 March!

Business critical end-to-end processes often run through many complex software systems such as SAP and the surrounding ecosystem. This means business also relies heavily on uninterrupted functioning of SAP and its integrations. A simple sales order often runs through several different systems and even a small failure in the most critical process can be fatal for business.

Join our webinar now, to hear how business process testing ensures the functionality of your complex software landscape.

In the webinar, we'll talk more thoroughly:

  • Why testing is #1 bottleneck in software and IT –and it keeps growing? 
  • How to enable automation to tackle this common challenge?
  • How to leverage productivity in testing - and how we do it with Conformiq?
  • How to maximize the benefits of test automation in complex SAP landscape?

Do you understand the full potential of test automation and how to utilize it in your SAP ecosystem? Let’s find out!

Webinar is in English and free of charge.

Can't make it at that time? Register, and we'll send you the recording. 

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Written by Qentinel